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Jerry Alcorn at   Alcorn Adaptive Will Empower Your Electric Vehicle!

M.J. Outcault Hill, Ur-history.com

His website reads “Alkorn Adaptive-Making a Difference in the Community- Not Just for Show”.   He was the only bike shop in the Coachella Valley that could repair my electric scooter.   I walked into an array of electric bikes, but beyond, was my delight”¦a long, tool- filled repair shop, where the magic happens.   Little did I know what miracles were in that shop.

A pink bicycle with yellow wheels and seat.

I found in Jerry the kind of desert community local warmth that keeps me returning.  Jerry has paraplegia, total paralysis from the waist down, from an injury.  He’s walking. Jerry was on a wheeled, self-propelled vehicle nine months after his accident for exercise, and while he was on a ride, broke down. The rest is history.  Jerry truly gives to the community.

For the average bike and scooter riders, and those that need just a little extra engineering, Jerry provides, adapts, and maintains every form of wheeled movement assistance, from electric bikes to adaptive “wheels”.   See the local news on what Jerry did for a group of young people with disabilities.  For the whole story, see the articles linked.

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