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MJ Outcault Hill

I listened to Hiking my Feelings, read by the author, on  It spoke to me as an on-again, off-again hiker,  with  the inner struggles that go on, from blisters to finding a balance between hiking as a work – out and as a mental and physical re-start for a stressful life.  She is a San Diego resident in the story.  As a person that’s lived there, it’s a perfect climate and culture for outdoor enthusiasts, with many varied terrain in California accessible.  Sydney Williams takes the reader through her health and fitness journey while talking about integrating outdoor – oriented, outdoor endurance challenges as a part of her daily life. 

Hiking My Feelings:  Stepping into the Healthy Power of Nature

By Sydney Williams

What resonated with me is the strategy to life’s challenges, whether health and fitness, or past trauma, the outdoor lifestyle was emerging as a prescription for change.  I am not the only reader that thinks so.  See  for this group’s connection to the realization humans belong outdoors more.  Their mission is to improve community health by creating opportunities for people to experience the healing power of nature.  I’m all in with that concept!  

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